November 25, 2004

the Landscape listens

Well, I have just realized that my blog is full of too many words. I have a link to moichido, so if you're wondering what I did yesterday, you can look at the evidence. Good thing I don't match the description of the culprit in the picture. Anyways, my Japanese always seems to get me into deeper mischief here, so maybe pretending I don't understand is an option to consider. Today is Thanksgiving Day. I had a replacement Thanksgiving on Monday night and Tuesday. I went back to the Kibi area (actually Kanaya), along the Arida River, and had NABE, a diverse range of vegetables and meat thrown together in a pot of boiling water (i.e. Japanese style stew). I also made it to Myoekyo onsen in Kanaya Town. It was my first time there in the daytime. That place is incredible, and now I realize how many times I have mentioned a place that I don't have any pictures of. Well, perhaps I can get to the computer tonight and put some photos on this blog. I am not sure if anyone is still reading my entries (myself included), so I will end on that perfectly self-abasing note. I didn't even get to the title of this day's entry. Next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe more people than you imagine read your entries and appreciate it very much. Although I have never been to Wakayama, I have also lived in Japan. Reading your entries make me remember those 2 years with nostalgy. I wish I had written down my thoughts like you are doing right now. One day you will read it and everything that feels so real now will feel like a dream, or an experience lived in your previous life.
Re-adaptation to the 'western world' is quite fast and easy, but it makes me wonder if I am fully 'adapted' or just forgot something important.

Anata no bunshou wo yonde nanika wasurekaketeta mono wo omoidashita ki ga shimasu. Arigatou.

12:48 PM  

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