September 12, 2005

Leaving Early

I must have left the game earlier than I thought, for the final score actually ended up to be 21-2. Even though I missed seven runs on my half-awake train ride back down the coast of Osaka Bay, I still think I got my money's worth. Next time, I will have to watch the premature inebriation a little more closely. Maybe a day game would be nice.

Back to the grind at school on Monday. I file like a big pile of shit with flies swarming on it. Why I am so lethargic today, I am not quite sure. Instead of lesson planning (which has been done for some time, just no lessons for which to enact the plan), studying Japanese, or anything else which falls under the category of "productiveness," I ate bannana bread with my miruku kohhii and read some Kierkegaard in between mamouth emailing sessions and dozing sessions. Only one class today, which involved my "best" class acting up and speaking in Japanese the whole time. The new exchange student from Sri Lanka won the romance game, which made me a bit happy and a bit defiant, like "Pooh to all you materialistic kids who only want to look at pictures of you and yourself and go shopping for yourself with every chance you get!" I don't actually think this way most of the time, for my kids are adorable. I am just going through a period where I have been seeing things a little more clearly and thus undergoing the aftershock of conscience that follows such a consciousness.

This week: Sports Festival, the Shi-shi Mae Festival in Nachi Katsuura (Lion Dance Festival brought to Japan from China long, long ago).

Week after this: School Festival & Korea (well, the South).


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