November 07, 2005

Looking for Windfalls

Unimaginably fatigued today. Yesterday, I rode my bike down the busy avenue outside my house (Miyakaido) to a restaraunt for dinner. There had been rain earlier in the day, but as I left the skies were clear and a warm breeze rustled through my hanging laundry. I took no umbrella with me. After my meal, I went outside to find my bike slightly damp. It was drizzling, but I could still make it back to my apartment (a two or three minute ride) without getting very wet. About halfway through my ride, a sudden downpour began. For a full two minutes I was riding my bike underwater. My entire body and clothes saturated in the rain, I finally reached home and dried off, changed clothes, etc.

Today I woke up, still sleepy after 8 hours of sleep. Now I have a headache, a fever, a stomachache, and a sore left shoulder (probably unrelated to the other symptoms). I probably suffer from every malady that I have put down on a worksheet for my students when they study how to talk about sicknesses. What should I do? Rest in bed, take some medicine, see the doctor, drink some soup, etc. Anything but ride in the rain again.

I have had a lot of time at school today to ponder life & why I am feeling so stoic about my life these days. My class was another average one. I read the paper at lunch, finishing half of the crossword, giving up by default because I fell asleep. Then I glimpsed at a presentation I am making on teacher self-development, which is a ton of baloney. I hope the workshop goers like baloney. Later Bokui-sensei, a teacher who refuses to teach with me, asked me to narrow down the students' essay topics to three titles from which they choose one. There is a reason why I insist on keeping the words "Free Choice" on top of the essay worksheet. I do not think I can stand to read 300 identically uninspired essays--again. Even if they are bad, it will be a diversity of errors. That, I feel, is a much more welcome burden to carry. Finally, I studied my book of grammatical points for the Level 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Exam, which I am taking next month. This I also left incomplete.

Having no energy to finish anything today, I came back to the computer to continue the one thing in life that never will be finished, but is always worth continuing.


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