October 08, 2004

The rain has finally come today. It feels good, this cold and damp day. I have been longing for this weather for a long time now. The humidity of this year's summer was unbearable. I can't wait to freeze in the winter. Then I will be complaining further about how I wish for warmth. Parking my bike today, I looked back and a brief wisp of Megumi's face, her hair falling in front of her eyes like wind playing with curtains, flashed before me. Today I will leave school early and try to translate this poem 初恋'--or "First Love." Still too much going on and me not taking part in any of it, or I have taken myself out of what was important to me that I am no longer able to find where I belong. I'd like to go bowling tonight. I think I will replace my passion for Japanese with a passion for bowling. Maybe I could break 150 sometime soon.


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