January 04, 2005

Close to Forever

I kept waking up last night thinking that I had written a book of that title. Maybe it sounds a little trite, but one's dreams are often paradoxically enough both unoriginal and uncanny at the same time. Another book I thought of writing was "A Short History of Waking Up" in which each chapter is a recollection of the day before, or the procession of remembered things in time. I guess that concept is not novel, for all novels are in some way a "rememberance of things past." In any case, I couldn't finish the book I was writing quite literally in my sleep thanks to a bad combination of jet lag and the common cold.

Here we are, back in Japan, Wakayama, this blog. I have returned to what I was doing, but changed. This is the "waking up" for which I am still sorting out the various histories. It could be as simple as hearing a sound, being touched by someone, being cold, or as sublime as the recent events this earth has experienced in the past five years. There's another good title, "Not Trying to Not Be an Optimist in a Time of Inexplicable Human Cruelty."

Well, I have an internet cafe now across the street, a place to write or start one of these books, if not more blogs. Until I write something worth your time...


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