January 31, 2005

These days are ours...

hello sunshine, hello blue...

Ok, I was in an absolutely wretched state yesterday. Let's skip the early morning and start at about 10:00 or so. Drinking coffee in McDonalds, head spinning, everything tasting like vomit or something a lot worse. Then I somehow wobbled, oozed, and shivered my way onto the Kishujikaisoku--the most inconveniently difficult to pronounce but highly convenient express train to Osaka. For some reason Osaka was busier than it has ever been before. I went to Yodobashi Camera for the first time ever, which was like being turned into a bloodcell inside an artery of someone with hypertension. So many loudspeakers, products, people, lights, movement, contact, clothing, etc. I went and bought my friend a PSP, which costed a pretty penny. Then I bought some books, one of which was by Kenzaburo Oe.

Reading on the train, I felt like I was getting sicker rather than better, so it helped to keep my eyes on the book. I got home, went out for tonkatsu, then I slept.

It was a horribly nauseating day, but now I am here and grateful that I can taste food again, somewhat.


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