April 03, 2006

Apriru Fooru

That's me folks, a fool. A blazing bright mass of foolishness, like a comet burning itself out in the distances of the night sky. Countless people have reproved me for my lack of self-confidence, my abundance of unquestioned quilt and hypersensitivity, my analytical way of mentally taking apart things which should stay put together, and of course they are right. That is never the question. What is the question?

Well, to divulge such a riddle to you, to myself, would be like strumming the harp whose key is that of life. The Stevie Wonder reference aside, there is such a harmony in everyone's life, but it is often inaudible, the sound of a droplet hitting the bottom of an endless well.

Well, well, well. Today's long overdue entry has swayed from the original course of reporting the facts of the weekend:

Friday: First Hanami party (Flower viewing party) of the season. It was a night party and very cold. I decided to compare Budweisser with Asahi and Kirin, and to my expectation, found that Budweisser is certainly not the King of Beers. After that it was on to Japanese grain alcohol, sleepiness, and the malaise that I've gotten used to on weekends that start out so hazily.

Saturday: Woke up and read for a few hours. Another visit to Wakayama Castle, lunch, wasting time, went to bed at nine o'clock. Meant to write some friends letters/emails/telepathic modes of correspondence, but was too tired to lift my thoughts out of the abyssmal quagmire of sleep and peace.

Sunday: Early rise again. Reading Alex Kerr's "Dogs and Demons: The Fall of Modern Japan," which is a disparraging account of modern Japan's corruption, sterility, and the anomalies which infects every form of bureacracy in Japan. At noon I headed to Burakuri cho, a district in Wakayama with an old shopping arcade, a McDonald's, a demolished movie theater, and nothing else. Played a double gig with my blues band and reggae band. Lot's of friends showed up, including a special "someone." After the show it was the same dilly dallying with my time, an onsen at night on Wakayama's manmade island, Marina City, and then sweet, sweet rest.

Now its time to get going. Monday morning. Time to read, work, study, and clean my apartment. Lots to do. I'm off....


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