February 22, 2005

An Open Sky

The sunlight shines throughout the cloudless sky. The world seems to have this one window which we look out of and through which another can look upon us. When I was a child I used to think of eternity as something quite disturbing--of walking on a path forever, never to stop. Would one tire from this to the point of torture? Well, the prospect of utter annihilation of my earthly life also didn't really solve the uneasiness that welled up in me whenever I reflected upon what time's future held in store.

Every year, in the late afternoons of early spring, I remember skies like today's. It is a bright silence, a hovering of something that has no words, no endlessness, no end. And when I start to say or write something about it, like this blog, it recedes back into the blueness of the sky, beyond my words and my eyes.


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