February 08, 2005

Who is Complaining?

I asked this question not in its normal rhetorical usage, i.e. meaning "anyone but me," but in order to recognize the moments I have seemed to be in a mood of complaint or dissatisfaction on this blog, or in life it iself. Who is complaining? What about?

Anyways that was about as underground, or subliminal, as I'll get in today's blog. What have I been doing to the world? Well, I never wrote an adequate blog about the race I ran in with my students, which was an absolutely superb day. Other than that, I have found the work of Shuntaro Tanikawa and Kenzaburo Oe to be a very good thing in my life right now. I found an interesting volume in Osaka under the title "Japanese Death Poems," or jisei . Did I mention this in a blog before? This is the risk I take in taking a more conversational tone in my blog--one among many. Who wants to read about little trifles that I find tinglingly beautiful. Anyways, just about every poem in this collection is dehabilitatingly powerful and so I might indulge in quoting it in future blogs.

I am being looked at in the staff room. It is lunch break. My neck has a sharp pain on the left side from a bad night's sleep. In the afternoon, I will have my first round of class skit performances. I have a video camera almost older than I am. On this drizzly day, I feel content to glide through some newspaper articles, cups of coffee, and more time avoiding the task of working on kanji again. After all, I have this new dictionary which I have used maybe 10 times in the past 2 weeks.

This is turning into a "complaining" blog. Time to stop. More coffee. Class in a few minutes.


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