March 11, 2005

Forward March

"The turmoil of an earlier era has been replaced by a sad and rootless anomie." from Erich Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

As March moves along ever so briskly, it has taken far too long for to recover from a cold. More iyokan--a sour mikan that Japanese harvest and eat during winter. And this week, no classes, no conversations with teachers, no energy to do much besides read and fall asleep. Every page of Schlosser's Fast Food Nation adds to the disorienting realizations that have flourished recently with an acuity more potent than the even most colorful grove of sakura. In the long run, one may forget the most important parts of the book, retaining a few random details and a vague shape of its lurid contents. But now, the question does not demand what to say, but what to do. When hunger strikes fifteen minutes before boarding the train, the fastest hot lunch in the vicinity of the station being a double cheeseburger setto-: "What do I do?"

Lately the prose on has suffered a gradual but consistent desiccation of logical, grammatical, and rhetorical forms. The author of this blog has produced no convincing signs of life, has failed to to enable any experience to speak, to report things as they are on the blue guitar. Is it sad or selfish, that the author writes to himself? No. But to rage against the dying of the light, that is another task which a journal is certainly capable of, but for the sake of which this blog has foundered in progress. That is ok. There is nothing wrong with meek, flimsy writing, at least not if it is for sale.

Reminded of my hunger, time for the sanctimonious bento break--the most cherished link on the daily chain of habit.


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