March 09, 2005


Let's see...what is there to remark on in my life after a brief lapse in blogging...last Saturday I hiked 30km on the Kumano Ancient Road--a group of mountain trails that links important shrines in the (miraculously) dense, beautiful forests of the Kii mountain range (Wakayama once being known as the Kii 紀伊 region). The next morning I was barely able to walk, but experienced a flury of reminiscences--both from early childhood and adolescence. Next, well I woke up Monday morning with a terrible cold--the sweats, the shakes, a knife cutting into my throat as I attempt a swallow, first some sniffles, now a torrent of snot from both nostrils, coughing, wheezing, dizziness, etc. I have been taking Japanese cold medicine, which seems to be about as effective as consuming three dead ladybugs with a glass of water after every meal. Other than that, well...

...I started reading "Fast Food Nation."....I have no classes at school this week...I talked to my mom on the phone last window cracked again due to the temperature difference between outside and inside...I watched a Beat Takeshi film, Kikujiro no Natsu, last night...I have thought about all types of things lately, but they are swimming in a fogginess that is most likely a cold symptom and not something deeper...nothing metaphysically pressing I might say...or may I?...who knows...yes, beloved WHO...


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