December 15, 2005

The worst movie

ever made throughout the fairly long history of film is "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Having been dragged to the movie theater late on a Wednesday night against my will, I succumed to watching this entirely superfluous action movie, which cannot even bear that somewhat respectable title seeing as the aformentioned flick didn't even have the most rudimentary element of an action movie--a plot. Thus, I can only describe the experience as a keenly disturbing and gratuitous homage to the money that festers in the deep vaults of Hollywood. The final product of this experiment is a nearly two hour barrage of special effects, vapid dialogue, and jokes, scenes, and characters of such an unthinkable caricaturish hue that one cannot even laugh at how ridiculous it all is. If you are fed up with Hollywood's lack of decently interesting, slightly thought-provoking work, or it's lack of entertainment, than please do not watch this film. It would be similar to eating a double fudge sundae with extra cream and chocolate for a diabetic--just too much.

Just before watching this film, I was approaching the end of "The Brother's Karamazov." A very stark contrast indeed, an afternoon in which my mind underwent the chiaroscuro of the modern and transcendent. Please, anyone considering watching this movie, see something else. Please...


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