January 15, 2006

Vietnam (Part two: Images)

In a Restaraunt with Friends of the Foundation. I don't know why I look so stoic with my warm Tiger Beer.

Next is a picture of the rural countryside of Vietnam, near the border of Cambodia. My face, unshaven, you may see in the foreground.

Tuyet is a friend I made at the mother of the program director's house. Here we are on Christmas Day talking about life, with the aid of Lonely Planet's Vietnamese Phrasebook, of course. There is also a giant grapefruit keeping us company.

The sunrise on the morning after Christmas illuminated the neighborhood in a beatific light. It was difficult for me to part with this place and the people I met here. However, the day went on, as so do we all.

The landscape of Tay Ninh as see from the Black Lady Mountain, or something like that. I wasn't paying close enough attention during some of the history lessons we received.

Thinking of this place, the world, on the beach at Nha Trang--the last stop on our journey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the Vietnam trip was lots of fun!! Dude, you gotto shave honey!!


10:06 AM  

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