December 18, 2005

As The Crow Flies

So the year is coming to a close. Bid farewell to the cock and make way for the dog. Wan! Wan! (sound a Japanese dog makes, for those who think I've gone mad) In two days I will be flying south, and a little west, to Viet Nam. There I will spend two weeks travelling around the south part of the country, giving school supplies, money, and time to children in poor, rural areas, visiting hospitals, elderly homes, orphanages, and also taking part in educational trips to study the country's history. Two weeks is a pretty short time, depending on how you look at it. I have a presentiment however that what will be fit into two weeks will seem, will end up being, a lot longer of an experience. In terms of quality, not quantity. So for now, I wish anyone reading this (or reporting it to others) to have a peaceful Christmas holiday, wherever you may be.

Until 2006,



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