April 16, 2006

The Past Three Weeks in Images

Here is a recap of what I have done and whom I have been with at the beginning of spring. (In descending order): *Anpanman at Miyawaki Bookstore *My friends Yuka, Ryuichi, and some children at their surrogate hanami party (rained out) *Nick, Kyoko, Mayumi and Emi looking cute *Saki and Kaoru, friends from Wakayama, at yozakura viewing *You guys want some salami sandwhiches...? *Sean, dreaming of dark beer, tests out Rashomon, Wakayama's finest sake...*This poor fellow had to be carted off *View of Wakayama Castle moat *Asakusa (Tokyo)
*Sadachiyo, the best place to stay in the world *Zabba Zabba TONKYATSU!


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