November 01, 2004

Bodies of Water

A final image to be washed clean of, that is, this weekend was both cathartic and paradoxically problematic...but let's go in order...or in a sense of order...

I started it with a night of drunken revelry in Osaka. What terrible things I allowed myself to think that I wanted to do. Then on Saturday morning I taught my two private students, Naoya and Kazuto. I drank cappuccino (it was not on a menu, so I forget how to spell it), played the 'guess his emotions game,' and had a surprisingly good lesson.

Then I hopped on the train headed all the way down the coast of the Kii Peninsula. On the train, I encountered a last image of desire--an article on Eiko Koike, a famous TV idol in Japan. I thought about bodies of water, about how sometimes a person's eyes look like they are made of water, all the while moving deeper into the southern tip of Honshu. Then I passed through Kushimoto, one of the southernmost points of Wakayama. There I saw rocks jutting from the edge of the coast, the tops of them untouched by the spray of the incessant waves. I thought of pride and humility, and I thought of my life both as a rock and as a wave. Which one might I be? I finally made it to Nachi, where I visited my friend Nick. I had a numinous weekend, spending a peacefully rainy two days watching the ocean and the mists on the mountains, listening to the waterfalls, meeting nice people, and just forgetting about most of my preoccupations and stupidities. I was able to look clearly into my life--as simple as this sounds. The weekend was a little pond in comparison to the grandiose, ocean-like force of one's life when taken as a whole, but this pond was what I needed to find myself again and to keep on living.


Blogger pik said...

The 'guess his emotions' game? How do you play this? Please let me know. Lesson plans are beginning to elude me and I would desperately welcome some input.

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