April 15, 2005

Daily Life

This has been the first day in a long time when it is actually cooler inside the staff room than it is outside. I grew accustomed to returning to the teachers' room for warmth, weak coffee, and the ever so wonderful bento (they just came as I type away). But now I find myself with loads of time here without classes (I will finally start on Monday with two whole classes in the afternoon), so I have been strolling in the sun, checking out the various trees, plants, and a variety of bicycles in the front parking lot of my school.

I wonder what it would like if someone were to videotape my daily routine on these days without classes and then speed up the tape.

{Jeff sitting and reading/studying, stand up to get coffee, sit down and stoudy, stand up and walk around, sit down and study, go over to the computer to write a blog, sit down at desk and study, make another trip to the bathroom down the hall (with the faint hope of running in to the new music teacher), sit down and study...eat bento...refill coffee...sit and study...walk around....sit....no more studying...sitting)

Well, it is a beautiful day. English Camp in a few hours. My hangover is fading away slowly, but I am definitely going bowling again.

Time for an ever so productive weekend of English Games, perhaps tea or coffee with a friend on Saturday, and then digging up bamboo shoots on Sunday.


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