May 27, 2005

broken silence

that is why you call out
from the solitude that you have befriended
to see if this image dissolves
when exposed to the passing looks
of other solitudes, who feign an interest
in themselves or you, you cannot know;
because, in truth, it is a limp neither,
you shudder for a second
under the burden of thinking,
looking away for a moment
in the meantime a shadow flashes behind you,
your thoughts turn, as they do
and in all these pictures, these human eyes,
looks of strength and weakness
resistance and surrender to the dance
of all that happens within and without;
there were words we once used to listen
now we only speak to others of ourselves
as though it were still the same person
as yesterday, the day before,
prattling at length the life-lies that break
the heart you have & every good silence,
when there is no more food we order more.


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