May 09, 2005

On the Wagon

I had a strange Golden Week in Yokohama. Many people there, all configured in couples, holding hands, sharing intimate moments in the port area of Yokohama Bay. I spent the days roaming around the city, enjoying museums, parks, boat rides, coffee, local talk with some Kanto natives, and the evenings drinking in solitude (for the most part). Back in Wakayama, I haven't done a great deal. School finally started today. I almost lost my cool in my first class back--the students talking non-stop and refusing to be quiet. Perhaps I ran a risk of raising my voice with the one class that I have bonded with in Kobe, etc. Well, it's not the end of the world if they're scared of me now. We'll see the next time around.

Now it's back to studying Japanese--another task that I have left off for so long, leaving my reading ability in tatters and my spoken ability at an 80% rate of being misunderstood. Unfortunately, for most girls that I have met in Japan, being understood is not the act that is valued in relationships, but rather impressing is deemed the standard of winning someone's heart. Even if your facade is entirely spurious, malicious, or oblivious, it is still of more worth than expressing how one truly feels at any given moment. A bit of a bigger mystery that I will never figure out, as the problems of existence will never be few enough to write on the label of a bottle.

Back to writing poetry again...One beautiful day after the next...


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