April 26, 2005

Unnamed Flowers

There is a type of flower that is blooming now throughout Wakayama. Perhaps it is blooming all over Japan, the earth, the universe. I don't know this flower's name. In the school garden at Koyo High School, there are voluptuous congregations of these flowers--a congregation celebrating nothing but this particular time of year. There are other flowers at school, such as the beautiful sight that is above the unused picnic table (which is next to a carpless pond)--a thick grove of the hanging wisteria vines rustle noiselessly in the wind. The aforementioned flower is a light, almost burning purple. I think if I were to know its name, it would be a bit more objectified--that is "such and such" a flower. It is wonderful to have mysteries like this--something which we see and experience without having to name. I feel this way with people sometimes--that if there is a mutual understanding between two people, it cannot have a true name. Or rather, the name by which it goes, changes from day to day.

So, now I am on my way to class. I have a terribly sore back from too much squatting at the gym. The day is a beautiful one, the view from the classroom lightens the spirit, as do the kids in my first grade classes. Even though certain heavy thoughts return to me on a regular basis, I feel an acute lightness right now, as if I were a fish jumping upstream.


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