June 30, 2005

Good Things Happen by the Sea

Once again last night I found myself on the shore of Wakaura Bay, overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean as they flow calmly north into Osaka Bay. A serendipitous encounter in Mr. Donut's on Tuesday afternoon led me to this moment--standing on the deck of the lighthouse overlooking Wakaura, Kainan, Shimotsu, and Arida, mosquitoes revelling in round two of the "Jeff's Blood Buffet," talking with a new friend about my life, where I have been, where I could be going; looking into her eyes and then, as I look away to the cobalt and saphire waters, forgetting where I am, where is home, only having this sea, these eyes to look into and to look into me. There I am, my life not flashing before me, but life flashing before us, the green light across the bay blinking like a serene and wordless onlooker. Things don't normally look, feel or sound as good in Wakayama City as they did last night, or today. I even enjoy the sweltering humidity (I am sure this joy won't last). Everyone says to travel in August, but where? Confused this afternoon after thinking hard about where I am going to go. Two currents crashing into each other, I am a bit fatigued by it. We will see. We have seen.


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